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    The popularity of Abstract Photography has grown over the years and is now a genre attempted by amateur and professional photographers alike. Obviously some are more successful than others in the field, but a number have acquired a reputation as experts or outstanding with the technique. Each will usually tend to concentrate on a particular subject matter, be it nature, buildings, people or unusual objects.

    Some well known abstract photographers include the following:-

    Adam Fuss
    Alan Babbitt
    Alfred Stieglitz
    Andy Goldsworthy
    Barbara Kruger
    Carli Hermes
    David Hamilton
    Hannah Hoch
    Henry Holmes Smith
    Jim Hodges
    John Baldessari
    John Graham
    Lee Isaacs
    Louise Lawler
    Luigi Veronese
    Msataka Takayama
    O. Winston Link
    Piet Mondrian
    Richard Misrach
    Ryan Bush
    Sarah Charlesworth
    Saul Leiter
    Tony Sweet
    Uta Barth
    Vik Muniz
    William Wegman
    Wolfgang Tillmans

    Their portfolios, subject matter and technique vary enormously. But each of them have produced some unique and absorbing works. It is worthwhile looking up some of their images on the Internet, especially to inspire budding abstract photographers and to get their creative juices flowing. It is often useful to see how these experts have worked to catch or transform the image they have produced, so the novice can learn and acquire some of their skills for transfer to their own repertoire.

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