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    Abstract photography is unlike other types of photography. The abstract photographer can use his creative imagination to produce stunning works of art. An abstract photograph is not necessarily going to mean the same thing to everyone, it can instil something different in our mind for each of us, as it leaves more to the viewer’s imagination. It avoids symbolic representation, and instead, its object is the image itself and how it was created.

    It is sometimes almost impossible to say what the photographer or ‘artist’ wants you to take away from the image produced. An abstract work can be pleasing to the eye, in which case it works on a decorative level, but this may or may not have been the photographer’s intention. There is no magic formula for creating a good photograph in any genre and maybe more so in abstract images, if there was such a formula surely it would be discovered and art would be over. It is the power of the photographer’s ingenuity, together with experimentation and perseverance that will win the day.

    Today we see more and more abstract imagery around us in many forms, be it in the shop window, the local library, on television and the Internet among others. It was in the 1960’s that we saw the beginning of technology’s integration with photography, with the use of computers, digital imaging, and microscopes producing astounding abstract images. More recently it is Photo Editing Software available for computers today that has increased the possibility for both amateur and professional photographers to join the ranks of good ‘Abstract Artists’. But don’t forget it is still feasible to get that shot through the camera lens that works first time.

    What we do know is this type of photography is becoming a more popular form of art and the rewards for a good abstract photograph are more than worthwhile. Art buyers pay huge amounts for good abstract work.

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