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    In the world of abstract photography some very dramatic images can be produced. However, it takes a different way of looking at our world to identify the abstract photographic opportunities that surround us. It relies on our ability to sense more of the shape, colour, lines and curves that we see, rather than the actual […]

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    This Friday, two local Brazilian football clubs—Santos FC and Macapá—will face each other at the Estádio Milton Corrêa, a multi-purpose stadium in the city of Macapá, Brazil. When the whistle blows at 5:00 PM local time, each team will defend the goal on their side. But that’s not the only thing they will be defending.


    Over the last few years, the bicycle-sharing phenomenon has taken the world by storm, especially in China, where—according to one report—there are over 70 private bike-sharing companies in operation with a collective pool of 16 million cycles and over 130 million users. These bikes, especially the dockless variety, can be picked up from anywhere on the streets using a smartphone to unlock them first, and then dropped off anywhere without the need to park it at a dock. Regular users say these bikes are godsend because it allows them to avoid congested public transport routes and reduce travel costs, while also reducing pollution and encouraging users to stay fit.

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